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As long as fine tables are being made, there will always be a need for custom-made table pads! There is not, nor will there ever be, a substitute that will adequately protect your table. The money you might spend today on a custom table pad will be one of your better investments in life.

Why you should order from Affordable Table Pads:

We deliver you quality Table Pads at an affordable price point with friendly and helpful customer service so that you get the exact table pad you need.


Patented magnetic locking system

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Why should you purchase a table pad?

  • Direct sunlight can fade a table's finish over time.
  • Everyday objects from silverware, keys, pencils, etc. can scratch a table's finish.
  • Table pads provide sound absorption, to decrease noise when used during dinner parties.
  • A table pad can provide protection against heat sources.
  • A table pad can guarantee their table will continue to look like the day they purchased it when used on a regular basis

The Table Pads that we offer at are customized to exactly fit your table, have a heavy-duty, washable leatherette wood grain or leather-tone surface, a cushiony soft velvet or cotton bottom and fold for easy handling and storage. They consist of a solid, lightweight fiberboard core that is basically unaffected by humidity and will not warp when standing upright, thereby saving storage space.

One of the greatest claims-to-fame of the Table Pads that we offer is a patented magnetic locking system (MagnaLoc™), which helps keep pad sections together and prevents slipping and sliding. MagnaLocs™ are 100% user-friendly (unlike any other table pad locking device) and are totally hidden and secured beneath a protective cloth surface, which makes it impossible for damage to ever occur to your table surface.

Besides dining room tables, what else can table pads protect?

  • Buffets, Servers, Sideboards
  • Coffee, Cocktail, & End Tables
  • Piano Tops
  • Business Conference Tables
  • Dinette Tables
  • Desks
  • and more...