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A Pattern is NECESSARY unless your table has square corners (90 degrees) or is perfectly round

IMPORTANT: Never use measurements provided by manufacturer (they always include molding or sloped edges).

Step 1: Measure width of table at center split to the nearest 1/16" (flat surface only).

  • Important: Do not include bevelled or sloped edges.
  • Best to use metal tape measure. Due to shrinkage, do not use cloth or plastic tape measurers

Step 2: Measure full length of table from end to end directly down center to the nearest 1/16" (flat surface only).

  • Important: Make sure extension leaves are removed..
  • Do not include molding or sloped edges.

Step 3: If a pattern kit was provided to you (meaning you DO NOT have a round, square, or rectangular table) then follow the next instructions:

  1. Line pattern paper up with split in table and smooth out wrinkles.
  2. Secure paper to table with masking tape or use heavy objects to prevent sliding.
  3. Trace edge of table by rubbing with side (not the point) of a pencil or crayon against the paper.
    • Do not include extension leaves.
    • Do not include molding around perimeter or sloped edges.

The best table pad for you is the one that fits your table top perfectly and functions just as it should, protecting your table and keeping it safe from harm. If you are wondering why our table pads are the best available, the answer is simple: we offer the most robust construction, the most unique and effective locking mechanism and the most authentic colors on the market. Let’s look at each of these different advantages individually now.

Our fully automated manufacturing process produces table pads of the highest quality at the best price, and our Lifetime Limited Warranty guarantees repair, reupholstering or replacement if the need arises. You cannot lose when you select our products. They are a full half-inch in thickness, providing heat resistance to 550 degrees, which is far higher than the temperature of most food items removed from the oven and placed directly on the table pad for serving. Naturally, use of a hot pad or trivet is always a good idea when using table linens, and it also protects the vinyl surface of the table pad itself.

At the core of our table pads you will find one of the most important differences, setting them apart from competitors. We use a solid core fiber-board, not cardboard. That means there are no paper layers to weaken over time, or to mildew and separate. Our automated process produces consistent quality every time, which includes every table pad manufactured to your exact specifications. After thirty years of manufacturing experience we have learned how to put together and warranty the most solid and yet lightweight table pads on the market.

Covering the fiber-board core and interior padding you’ll see a vinyl top, available in your choice of leather-look, wood grain and fashion colors to match or coordinate with wood tables. Solid colors look good with any other furnishings as well. Each table pad has a Duru-velvet bottom surface that’s easy on wood or any other table surface. These upholstery materials have proven to be extremely durable and effective over the years, and they will prove to be elegant as well as hard-working on your home or office furniture. Probably the most outstanding feature of our table pads is the exclusive, patented, invisible magnetic locking system used to connect sections of multi-section table pads. It is a significant improvement over metallic locking systems that inevitably come into contact with a table top, frequently scratching the surface in the process. Powerful magnets embedded in the interior edges of sections that fit against each other assure smooth connections with no metal or plastic parts exposed. Your table tops are safe and securely fastened with our exclusive MagnaLoc system.

If you are not familiar with the use of multi-section table pads on large tables, it is important to consider the possible inconveniences that can result from sections of a table pad slipping apart; drinks and dishes can spill or slide off the table completely; people can end up with foods and drinks in their laps; and centerpieces can tilt and topple, causing a domino effect and creating havoc in the whole area. With the MagnaLoc system, sections of a large table pad are easy to store, easy to set up and easy to use because there are no exposed parts to come loose or break off. Table pad sections are completely self-contained, and they slide together to fit securely in use.

Although you will probably use a tablecloth to cover your dining table pad, you may not choose to use an additional cover with other tables protected with a custom table pad. So, our wide selection of leather tones, wood grains and solid colors offers you plenty of choices to match or coordinate your table pad with your room décor. The heavy-grade vinyl used on top gives your table pads great resistance to moisture and scuffing, and it is easy to clean with a slightly damp cloth.

Protecting the top surface of fine furniture has become more important than ever, now that wood dining tables have become increasingly expensive and rare. Wood, marble glass and metal table tops can all benefit from the use of a custom-made table pad that protects the top surface from damage. Dining tables are just one variation of table that is subject to damage, however. Table pads are often custom-made for buffets, bedside tables and coffee tables as well.

In offices, it is not uncommon to find huge conference tables with table pads in regular use. Sometimes they are covered with individual writing pads for the use of meeting attendees, and at other times they are covered with a cloth for more formal events, including buffet serving and dining. High-quality table pads provide a protective surface that is approximately half an inch in thickness, making it possible to use a table for family or business activities that might accidentally mar a table surface without protection.

One feature distinguishes the best table pads from all the rest. That feature is the particular method with which individual pieces of a table pad fasten together. Many tables are too large for a single, solid table pad, so they require custom-manufactured sections that fit together perfectly. Not only do they need to fit together, they need to stick together securely. And one of the best methods to accomplish a secure fit utilizes powerful magnets embedded in the edges of the table pad. It is a unique and very effective solution for table pads of any size, and guarantees that no metal or plastic parts will protrude and cause scratches.

If you are wondering why you need a table pad in your home or at your workplace, it doesn’t require much memory or imagination to picture those terrible dark rings caused by moisture seeping beneath the finish on a wood table top, stains caused by spills or condensation around cups and glasses. Furniture rings are nearly impossible to repair without refinishing, a costly and time-consuming endeavor. Most people just live with the damage to their tables, vowing to use coasters and to keep beverages away from the wood. This plan is good in theory, but it rarely works out in actual practice.

When a dozen roses are delivered for your anniversary, it is tempting to place them in a vase for immediate display on your best table. Most of us are not worrying about moisture damage to our table tops whenever roses are delivered. And, for the most part, we are not thinking about our table tops when family and friends gather for holiday suppers, to be followed by a constant flow of desserts and beverages, and possibly game-playing. Dark rings on wood table tops are just one of the many kinds of damage that custom table pads are designed to deter.

Kids of all ages like to sit around a big table and work on projects or play games together, especially when family and friends gather on special occasions. Dings and divots in wood or metal, and cracks or chips in glass or marble may accidentally occur, unless a high-quality table pad is on the job. It is amazing how a custom table pad can bring a genuine sense of peace and relaxation to your gatherings, before, during and after the food is served. If there are spills, or if something accidentally drops on the table you will know that your table top is safe from damage when it is well-protected by a table pad.

Once again, you probably don’t have to use your imagination to recall those times in the past when a table pad would have spared you the disappointment of damage to furniture in your home or office. And, if you chose to have wood damage refinished or other materials repaired or replaced, you are well aware of the savings that a table pad can insure. Ordering custom table pads just makes good sense, and now it is simple and easy to accomplish online.

There is simply no comparison between our table pads and the competition, primarily because we have the famous invisible MagnaLoc magnets working for us. And they will be working for you, too, whenever you slide your table pad sections together. Most dining tables and conference tables are too large for single-piece custom table pads. We are proud to offer the most simple and yet sophisticated locking system on the market – the exclusive, patented MagnaLoc. It assures you that your table pad sections will stay securely in place for life.

If you are new to the world of table pads, you may not know that metal fasteners and Velcro are used by other manufacturers. These systems have drawbacks, although they are an improvement over cheap table pad sections that do not fasten together at all. In order to fit securely, the sections of a custom table pad need to butt up against each other and then fasten together because sections that do not fasten can cause all sorts of problems. Consider the aggravating circumstances at a dinner party or at an important meeting if table pad sections come apart, causing food and beverages to spill all over guests, papers and digital devices. The locking system on any table pad is an integral part of its utility value.

Once again, metal fasteners and Velcro offer some security, but they also tend to rub against the surface of a table during installation, use and cleaning. Plastic and metal parts can cause scratches and Velcro can also leave scuff marks. Ideally, table pads are designed to completely protect the table from harm. This purpose is simply not served by locking systems that can accidentally cause harm. Only the invisible MagnaLoc system is completely enclosed within the table pad upholstery, and therefore it cannot cause any harm to wood or other table surfaces.

With no exposed parts to maneuver in order to achieve a locked fit, our table pads are quicker and easier to install and to remove for storage. The invisible MagnaLoc system makes the table pad sections completely self-contained for vertical or horizontal storage, and there’s no possibility of plastic or metal snagging carpet or scratching wood floors either. No exposed parts means your table pad functions efficiently on and off the table top.

The secret to the MagnaLoc locking system used on our table pads is the special kind of magnets concealed beneath the upholstery. They are called neodymium magnets, and they are well-known for their efficiency in many other applications, such as cordless hand tools, hard disk drives, automotive power steering and magnetic resonance imagining (MRI). These rare-earth magnets have transformed products in many other industries, just as they have improved our classic table pads. People all over the world rely on neodymium magnets to perform important tasks, and you can rely on MagnaLocs to perform perfectly on your custom table pads.

Speaking of custom table pads, and to emphasize the notion of sections that need to fit together securely, it is easy to picture a dining table to which additional table leaves are added to accommodate more guests. Obviously, whenever the leaves are added to the table it means an additional table pad section will need to be added as well. This is a very common use of multi-section table pads. Another situation is also easy to picture, and that is a huge conference table found all over the country in office buildings. Custom table pads for use in commercial settings may be rectangular, oval, or horseshoe shaped, and may also require special holes to accommodate telephone and computer wiring.

Our exclusive MagnaLoc system beats any other system in appearance and practicality. Your table pads will be set and secure for a lifetime of service with MagnaLocs in place.

If you are wondering what to consider when selecting your table pad, first you will have to determine which table you want to protect. Perhaps that will be the toughest decision of all, and one that leads you to entirely re-think your plans. Many people focus on their dining table at home or their conference table at work, but then they discover that high-quality table pads are not really luxuries at all. They are necessities for maintaining fine furniture.

Since table pads are designed to protect wood, metal, marble and glass table tops from damage, it is reasonable to consider custom pads for tables in the bedroom, the foyer and the kitchen as well as the dining room. Any fine furniture you want to maintain, any antique, keepsake or collectible piece that is worthy of protection is a good candidate for a custom table pad. Protecting your precious furniture is far less expensive than repairing it.

The next step, after determination of which tables to protect, is to measure or pattern them properly. In most cases, you will need to make a pattern of your table top in order to obtain a table pad that fits. Exceptions are square, rectangular and round tables. These shapes can simply be measured accurately to the nearest 1/16th of an inch with a metal tape measure, avoiding beveled edges that slope downward. But tables that have irregular outlines will definitely require patterning. Pattern kits are provided at no cost to allow every customer the opportunity to trace the shape of his or her table accurately, as an alternative to measuring. Extension leaves are not included in measurements or patterns; they are ordered as a separate item.

It will bring great peace of mind to know that your custom table pads have sections that fasten together securely with our exclusive MagnaLoc system whenever tables are too large for a solid pad. Generally, dimensions in excess of two feet will require separate sections, and that is why a locking system becomes necessary. There is no other edge locking system on the market that compares with the powerful magnets concealed along the edges of our table pad sections. They are designed to grip securely, while at the same time remaining completely invisible and unobtrusive. You will not have metal or plastic parts to contend with, so your table tops will not be compromised during use, removal or storage. The best table pad locking system available is the MagnaLoc ,and it is used in all our table pads.

You won’t have to make decisions about the locking system if your table pad requires multiple sections, but you will have to consider the color and texture of the upholstery before ordering. We offer vinyl textures that approximate leather and also a variety of wood grains. Many deep and luscious colors are available for the vinyl top of your custom table pads, and Duru-Velvet in your choice of five colors will complete the bottom of the pad, the portion that comes into contact with the furniture. So, you’ll make these decisions at the time you place your order, along with measurements or a pattern tracing.

Remember, the sloping, beveled edges on tables of any shape will not be covered by a custom table pad. Sharply sloped edges cannot accommodate padding as there is no substantial surface to support any weight. Leaning on an unsupported edge can tilt the whole section, causing objects on the table to tip and spill. Custom pads cover the entire flat table top, right up to the beveled edge, assuring proper performance and maximum safety. There is one exception, however, and that is a very slight bevel on a glass table. Those edges should be included in the measurement for complete coverage.

Take a look around your home and you may find a variety of wood, glass, metal and marble tables. Many people think about table pads for their dining room table, but that is not the only use for the half-inch thick, upholstered pads that protect tables from heat, moisture, liquid spills and surface damage. Buffet tables, coffee tables and end tables are also subject to damage without protection. Fortunately, custom table pads are available for all your tables of any size.

Depending on the shape of your table top, you may need to take measurements with a metal tape measure. Square, rectangular and round tables can be measured accurately to 1/16th of an inch for the purpose of ordering custom table pads. But any other shapes will need to be traced in order to create a customized pattern. Tracing is simple when you use the free kit we provide for pattern making, which will result in a custom table pad manufactured to the exact size and shape of any table you choose.

One word of caution regarding the measurements provided by manufacturers -- in short, do not rely on them for ordering custom table pads. Commercial furniture manufacturers will include beveled edges in their measurements, and table pads are not made to cover beveled edges. Your measurements or tracings will give us what we need to make table pads that fit perfectly.

If your table is shaped like a square or a rectangle, but it also has curved corners, you will need to provide a tracing. Only perfectly square or rectangular tables with 90 degree corners can be measured. The radius of curved corners can often be compared to the size of a coin, and you can tell us the size of the curve by placing a coin on your table top and letting us know which size coin works best. This is an easy way for us to get the right corner shape for you.

Perhaps your table is more like a square or a rectangle with the corners cut off. An eight-sided octagon would be a good example. The angle of each corner is best obtained by making a tracing of the entire table so that we can achieve a perfect fit. Oval-shaped tables with curved sides present a different challenge. There are so many variations on the oval shape that a tracing of your own table becomes absolutely necessary. We have accumulated patterns for literally thousands of different oval tables over the years, and we are looking forward to receiving your tracing in the mail.

Naturally, there are limitless unusual shaped table tops that can be manufactured with a pattern tracing. If you can trace it, we can make it! The majority of table pads will have two sections for the main table and additional, separate sections made to cover the extra table leaves. Dining or conference tables that are very wide and very long often require three or four sections, which slide together easily and stay together securely with our invisible Magnaloc locking system. No table is too big or too long for a custom table pad. No unique shape is too complex for a custom table pad made to fit perfectly.

Even small coffee tables, night stands and end tables can benefit from a custom table pad. These sizes are generally made from one section of padding, or sometimes they may fold in half. We work with you to determine the best configuration for every table in your home or office, whenever you need the best table pads. Our automated manufacturing process produces the highest quality pads, made to your measurements or pattern and we extend a limited lifetime warranty on all custom table pads of any size and shape.