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Premium Table Extender Pad

Premium Quality Custom Made Table Extender Pad
  • Extends table up to a total of 24 inches in both width and length (12 inches on each side & end) for additional seating
  • Made of hard board core for rigidity

Product description

Most pad extenders up to 80" long (without leaves) are made in 2 equal pieces. Each section folds in half. The seam will be on the bottom, creating a more attractive surface and preventing entrapment of food and liquid. When choosing any shape other than square, rectangle with square corners, or a round table, a pattern kit will be sent to your address. Patterning your table is simple and takes less than 10 minutes. Please continue with your order, and we will mail you a free kit which will include pattern paper, free postage from continental US, and easy instructions. Once you send your pattern to us via mail, our table pad specialists will be able to create your custom pad.

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