35 Simple Everyday Decor Tips For Your Dining Table

Apart from the table and chairs, there's not much else in a dining room. While there might be a cool bar cart or a cabinet for fancy dishes, everyone can agree that the table is the star.

Even if it's not the only place for decorations, the dining table is probably where everyone gathers and the first thing people see when they enter the room. So, it's really important to decorate it nicely!

Just like you'd style your coffee table, your dining table deserves some extra care. In the following tips, you'll discover more than a dozen ideas to help you decorate your dining table – pick your favorites and give them a try!

So, What Are The Simple Everyday Decor Tips For Your Dining Table?

Although creating a perfect holiday or birthday table setting is fun, there are many ways to make your dining table look beautiful every day as well.

We're providing 35 ideas for everyday dining table decor, and most of them are very budget-friendly. Why not make every meal feel like a special occasion?

Bring in Fresh Flowers

Summer Dining Table Decor Ideas - MY 100 YEAR OLD HOME

Beautiful flowers can make any part of your home look better, including your dining room table. You can either cut flowers from your own garden or make it a routine to go to the farmer's market every weekend.

You'll be happy you did when you have lovely flowers to enjoy every time you have a meal.

Scatter Some Candlesticks

Use Gold Candlestick Holders to Decor Your Dining Table ...

Candles can make your dining table feel cozy and special. If you don't have candle holders, check out the thrift store.

You can find many different styles that look great when grouped together for a beautiful setup.

Group Together Vases

Do you have small vases? Show them off by putting them all together on your dining table.

Even if they don't have flowers or branches in them, they still look artistic and special.

Mix and Match Decorative Items

Who says you can only choose one thing for your dining table?

If you like candles, vases, ceramic dishes, and other stuff, arrange a little scene with a few of your favorite items.

Try a DIY Project

You can also give making your own centerpiece a shot. Get some taper candles and flowers, and make a unique display that everyone can appreciate.

Place Fruit in a Nice Bowl

Darby Home Co Antique Bronze Glass Fruit Decorative Bowl & Reviews |  Wayfair | Glass bowl decor, Decorative bowls, Decorative plates and bowls

Your dining table decoration can be both pretty and useful.

Put fresh fruits and vegetables in a lovely bowl or basket to add color and texture to the table, and you also have a nice way to store them.

Get Funky

If you don't like the usual candle holders that match traditional decor, go for some quirky curved ones. They bring a cool and eclectic vibe to your dining table.

Decant When Possible

Pour your salt and pepper into classic brass holders to give your dining table a stylish touch. Say goodbye to looking at dull grocery store packaging!

Make It Mini

Everyone likes small things, right? Place some little vases next to a bigger one to make a simple setup look even more charming.

Choose Chic Candles

While taper candles are commonly used on dining tables, pillar candles also look great.

Pick a color that stands out – in this dining area, black goes well with the sideboard and dining chairs.

Bring Some Nature Indoors

A bowl of moss brings a touch of nature indoors and needs very little care. Plus, it adds interesting texture and color to any table.

Showcase a Fave Plant

For those who adore plants, we understand you love placing green buddies all around your home.

Put your favorite plant, maybe a pothos, in a pot that fits your table, and have fun watching it grow.

Try a Tablecloth

Tablecloths aren't as common nowadays, but don't overlook their impact.

This checkered tablecloth has a charmingly classic look and adds warmth to this simple dining area.

Grab Your Green Friends

More plants mean more joy! Group some small green buddies or succulents on the dining table, and you've got a quick and easy centerpiece.

Lay Out a Table Runner

If you don't want to hide your dining table with a tablecloth but want to add a little flair, use a runner.

You can even make your own if you have extra fabric from a sewing or reupholstery project.

Sew Together Placemats

You can also place placemats in the middle of the dining table to make a simple runner, or sew several together to make a more lasting one.

Shop Your Own Yard

This driftwood goes well with the natural, plant-inspired decorations in this dining area. Sometimes, the best accessories can be found outdoors.

Get Earthy

Rocks and geodes can make a dining table more interesting. Mix them with other natural things, like succulents or cacti, for a captivating and earthy combination.

Introduce Air Plants

A bowl filled with air plants brings color to this neutral dining room and works well throughout the year.

Be a Bit Boho-inspired

If you're a fan of boho style, introduce some pampas grass to your dining room. It will immediately add height and texture to the table.

Stay Modern

In this modern house, tall, empty vases create an elegant look on this round table, which is surrounded by curved chairs.

Repurpose This Household Item

Lazy Susans aren't just handy; they can be pretty, too.

Use one instead of a regular tray and fill it with decorative pieces along with your essential spices and seasonings.

Think Tall

Put decorative beads in a tall pedestal and position it in the middle of your dining table for a stylish yet straightforward centerpiece.

Go Farmhouse

A woven basket is a fantastic decoration for a farmhouse-style table. Match it with a checkered table runner and some ceramic containers, and you're all set.

Keep It Simple

One palm leaf in a vase creates a fashionable yet relaxed look on this dining table. Sometimes, keeping it simple is really the way to go.

Say Yay to Trays

This adorable scalloped tray is convenient and can be quickly picked up and cleared when food is served, making it a win-win.

Bust Out a Pedestal

Make your table taller with trivets and pedestals. This way, everyone can still enjoy your decorations while passing around plates.

Try This Twist on a Vase

Check your pantry for items you can use as decorations. For instance, Julep cups can be used as vases when you have guests over—no need to buy something new.

Create a Unique Display

Remember, you don't have to arrange matching pairs to make a unique display; a single candle holder can still stand out alongside other items.

Invest in a Vessel

You can reuse a container like this throughout the year. Fill it with evergreens in winter, and when fall comes, switch to putting gourds inside.

Take the Cake

Always have a cake stand available; load it up with your favorite desserts or use it as a decorative piece by placing candles and other small items on top. It's a win-win.

Make Flowers Last

A dried flower arrangement like this needs no upkeep but still adds beauty to your dining table.

Pick colors that go well with your decor and furniture, whether you prefer something neutral or bold.

Give Your Wreath New Life

Wreaths aren't only for the front door. Put one around a group of candles, and it becomes a makeshift centerpiece.

Cast a Moody Glow

Table lanterns can create a cozy light indoors as well. Place a couple on your dining table and lower those bright overhead lights.

Put Your Pinkies Up

How about a tea break? Having a teapot and cups on your dining table can bring a touch of country charm to your home, even if you prefer coffee!

Colorful Glasses

Instead of using a large central vase, you can place multiple smaller silver vases around, filling them with the same flowers that complement the color scheme of the tablecloth.